Park & G Apartments

The new upscale, trendy mixed-use apartment building located in downtown San Diego is a cutting edge project that is taking over nearly an entire block of the city’s infrastructure. The building has three underground parking levels topped by a five level building. The first floor consists largely of retail with a bit of residential mixed within. The second through fifth floors are exclusively residential, creating a vibrant mixed use environment for residents. The architectural style of the 1-3 bedroom apartment units has an industrial, loft type nature. With poured and polished concrete flooring, soaring ceilings and strict modern finishes, the building is a great fit for the trendy downtown area in San Diego. In addition to the 208 apartment units, the roof is fully accessible including several social spaces, barbeque pits, sunbathing, dining areas as well as an area for dog walking activities all surrounded by glass railings. The first floor also has a media room and workout space, reserved exclusively for the tenants, that opens up to a centralized interior outdoor patio space.

OwnerOliver McMillanArchitectAVRP Studios LocationSan Diego, California

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