Louisiana State Museum & Sports Hall of Fame

The new Louisiana State Museum & Sports Hall of Fame is a notable, contemporary museum that will likely garner many architectural awards. Located in Natchitoches, the oldest settlement in the Louisiana Purchase territory, the museum has a phenomenal design that is both complicated and labor-intensive to construct. The building has exhibition spaces, an outdoor terrace, meeting rooms and offices in addition to an exceptional entrance and atrium.
The museum’s structure consists of a complex system of steel frames that accommodate the curvilinear nature of the building’s design. Natural light from the custom, centralized skylight floods through the entire building from the top floor down through the atrium. The metal louvers on the building each have their own unique curvature and position that work together to create a wavy, moving mirage viewed as pedestrians and traffic pass by the building.

OwnerState of Louisiana Division of Administration Office of Facility Planning and ControlArchitectTrahan Architects LocationNatchitoches, LA

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