Coconut Point

Coconut Point is a mixed-use development and the largest single development in Estero, Florida at nearly 500 acres. It’s made up of large residential areas with a central retail/commercial town center. At the focal point of this lively community, VCC constructed more than half a million square feet of retail space. Above that, on the 2nd story, VCC also built residential condominiums and office space. This retail town center is a vibrant, open-air mix of commercial activity: shops and restaurants, entertainment venues and public courtyards—a gathering space surrounding several acres of lakes and boardwalks—all in a Mediterranean Revival style designed to fit gracefully into the Southwest Florida landscape. VCC not only constructed retail spaces, but also the extensive hardscape, which included a variety of concrete finishes, Mediterranean aged stucco, EIFS and a host of details, right down to pet friendly water fountains—all designed to create a unique living environment.

OwnerSimon Property GroupArchitectWakefield Beasley & Associates LocationEstero, FL

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