Washington County Courthouse Parking Deck

In downtown Fayetteville, Arkansas Washington County commissioned the removal of an existing parking garage and its replacement with a new updated double parking deck for the County Courthouse. Adjacent to the Courthouse, VCC constructed the new parking deck that includes 303 new spaces. The structural piers are designed to support the first two levels as well as two additional levels planned for a future construction phase. The parking decks consist of post-tensioning concrete structures with decorative spandrel glass panels.
The downtown construction site and staging area are both constrained on three sides by the Courthouse, an attorney’s office and a church building. Extra care with protective materials is used to protect pedestrians. While digging for the new foundations and pier supports, the VCC construction team discovered extensive amounts of rock as dense as 26 PSI. Quickly addressing the extra time for rock excavation while keeping on schedule was key on this project.

OwnerWashington CountyArchitectMcGoodwin Williams & Yates Inc. LocationFayetteville, AR

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