Built on Innovation

VCC is a technology driven construction company. Our processes benefit from incorporating technology into every aspect of our operation.

On a jobsite where there are many different roles at work at any one time, communication is key. VCC keeps all of our partners up to date with progress reports, questions from the field, resolution of concerns, etc., in real time. Technology assists in our communication and documentation efforts as we believe it is essential for our clients to know what is happening on the jobsite at all times.

Using Construction Technology

We utilize Endeavour, our construction management software, to conduct comprehensive project management and to keep all the data in one location, easy to access for any team member. Superintendents faithfully record information from the jobsite on daily diaries that immediately upload to Endeavor. The project status is also regularly updated along with how this data impacts the schedule. The owner has the ability to view all these details and real-time project progress at every step of the way using this state of the art construction technology.

In addition to Endeavour, the VCC team integrates and employs the following construction technologies:

We Leverage Technology to Create Efficiency and to Optimize Performance

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