Diversity and Inclusion

VCC is committed to creating and continually improving an environment of inclusivity and diversity. We believe that building equity in the workplace and partnering with small, minority- and women-owned business enterprises (SMWBE) is more than just a corporate responsibility.
We are dedicated to making a positive impact in the communities where we build, and we see working with local SMWBE’s as a win-win.

Methods and Outreach

VCC is pledged to the outreach and inclusion of SMWBE’s. We solicit bids from local companies in this classification for all trades, provide a fair and open selection process, and are committed to tracking SMWBE participation. Our selection process includes:

    • Detailed take off and unit count of each trade represented on project drawings
    • Create a bid recap which breaks down project by building and by trade
    • Analyze the trades and scopes identified to select which areas are best suited for SMWBE participation
    • Cross check the list with our existing trade partner database

In addition to our existing trade partner database, we extend efforts to broaden our contacts by implementing the following practices:

  • Make contact with SMWBE associations and organizations
  • Establish and maintain contacts with local SMWBE’s
  • Attend SMWBE procurement conferences and trade fairs
  • Identify sources from SBA’s Small Business Source System
  • Utilize government resources to seek out certified or registered small or disadvantaged companies
  • Perform periodic reviews of ability, experience and capacity available from SB and SDB firms, providing necessary assistance when required
  • Solicit bids by advertisement through SMWBE trade organizations and development centers

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