Our Process

At VCC our Total Quality Management (TQM) program is designed to identify construction issues before key phases of work begin. The TQM process begins with a team working to identify potential design and product selection conflicts. Project plans, specifications, and any other special green building and building code guidelines are reviewed by our Quality Control Department. The entire team is alerted to any conflicts and we work together to get the details resolved as quickly and efficiently as possible. This process is finished when consensus is reached among VCC’s QC department, the building professionals including the architect and engineers, trade partners and any relevant product manufacturers in order to move forward.

Focused on Quality

From our pre-installation meetings, a checklist is used daily on the jobsite by our superintendents to assist them in weekly quality control inspections. Each successful project completed refines our quality control program with new insights, experiences and critical items. We continue to work to make each and every project the best one we have ever done.

We Remain Dedicated to Excellence in Construction Every Day

Who We Are