Design + Construction Integration (DCI)

Our Team of Experienced Architects is Uniquely Positioned to Seamlessly Integrate Design & Construction Expertise.

Who we are?

Design and Construction Integration (DCI) is an esteemed architectural group that specializes in providing comprehensive design and design-build services. Our team of experienced architects is uniquely positioned to cater to our clients’ needs by seamlessly integrating design and construction expertise. Regardless of the project’s scope or size, DCI is committed to delivering outstanding results through a holistic approach that encompasses both created design and efficient execution.

At DCI, we recognize that exceptional design must go hand in hand with practical construction outcomes.

Culture & Approach

DCI stands apart from traditional design teams by virtue of our rich background and diverse skill set. Our architects have not only honed their design skills but have also served as part of a constructability review team for a leading general contracting company. This experience enables us to offer a truly comprehensive perspective on our projects. Unlike design teams with separate agendas, our primary focus is on harmonizing the requirements of both design and construction. We understand the delicate balance between creating visually stunning structures and adhering to budgetary and scheduling constraints. By considering these variables from the outset, we streamline the process and save our clients from unnecessary stress and complications.

Our approach combines creativity, technical expertise, and meticulous planning to deliver projects that are not only visually captivating but also completed within budget and on schedule. By engaging our team and services, clients benefit form a collaborative partnership that ensures their vision is realized while avoiding common pitfalls and challenges associated with design and design-build.

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