Spotlight On:

Andrew Hubbell

“From 2003-2006, I served as an Infantryman and was deployed to Iraq. During this time, I also attended the University of Arkansas in Little Rock.

I began my journey at VCC as a Project Engineer, transitioned to Project Management, and ultimately found my calling in Scheduling. Starting as a Schedule Updater, I later became a Project Planner, building schedules. In the department, I received invaluable mentorship from Mike Stubbs, expanding my construction knowledge and fostering relationships with our offices and key team members.

My time in Scheduling prepared me for leadership roles as an Operations Manager and provided me with a solid foundation for my career. I’m passionate about the work we do in the department and strive to create a similar environment for our future leaders. If you’re an proactive leader and looking for new opportunities, we would love for you to join our team.”

Andrew Hubbell

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