Welcome Nikki!

This week, we’d like to feature one of our Project Engineers and thank her for her hard work on our team. Nikki Eagen joined VCC recently and has been working out of our Atlanta office and onsite at a new Multifamily project in the Smyrna area.

Nikki’s experience in our industry goes back several years. She was a partner in a concrete company and later worked for a GC on the project management side.

With VCC, her role as project engineer keeps her busy reviewing drawings and plans and providing that critical bridge between the superintendents and project managers and the trade partners onsite.

The Covid-19 pandemic created a lot of turbulence in labor markets and the construction industry has not been spared the turmoil. Add to this disruption the number of construction professionals retiring or aging out of some roles, and these labor shortages have created opportunities for workers to consider career changes – many of those are women.

It’s no secret that the construction industry has been historically male dominated, but the times are changing. More and more women are breaking the “concrete ceiling.” According to Bloomberg Businessweek, 14% (1 million jobs) are now held by women in our industry. And of those women, a rising percentage of them are from minority populations.

VCC CEO Derek Alley was candid about it when interviewed by the Dallas Business Journal earlier this year, “We need more women and minorities in construction.” (Read the whole article linked here). As we move along into the 21st century, the demographics of the workforce will undoubtably continue to change.

So, a tip of the hardhat to Nikki and many other women working in our industry this #ConstructionInclusionWeek and every week.

VCC Women in construction