Publix Supermarket Key Largo, Florida

Grand Opening

Grocery store anchored open-air projects are the hottest retail sector format on the market. Over the years, we’ve constructed many, and we’re proud to announce our latest completion: Publix Store #1813 in Tradewind Plaza, Key Largo, FL!

The area needed additional food and pharmaceutical resources, so Publix decided to close the existing store and build a larger one at 64,000 sq. ft. We initially demoed a closed Kmart and added additional footage. The store is modern and airy, providing essential services to the community.

VCC Superintendent, David Rowland, attended the grand opening, captured in the photo with the gigantic Publix shopping cart! Mayor Holly Raschein also joined the event and expressed excitement, saying, “We’re a small town, so anytime you have something new of this scale is a big deal.”

We love that our work helps #BuildBetterLives by providing essentials like housing, doctor’s offices, schools, and even grocery stores. The Florida Keys, in particular, has limited grocery store options, and parts of the Keys are considered a food desert. We’re proud to contribute positively to the community.

A big thank you to Publix for entrusting us with this opportunity!
Check out this article for an inside look at the new store: