We’re taking a look at our culture of safety this week.
VCC’s Director of Safety, Scott Anders, responds to some questions about the vital role that safety plays at VCC in delivering high quality projects in a safe and timely manner.


Question: Tell us about the #Liveit program that VCC has implemented.
Answer: Safety isn’t something you do, it’s something you have to live. We try to incorporate the hashtag #Liveit into the safety protocols for all of our projects at VCC. It’s a way for VCC to engage all of subcontractors to set the tone for the job, explain our culture to them and make sure they know what our expectations are from the very beginning of the project.

Question: What is the role of safety in the balance of a construction project?
Answer: The balancing act, you think of Safety / Production / Quality. Think of a 3-legged stool that the project rests on. If any of those legs are compromised the result of the project is impacted. Safety has bearing on the other 2 legs, because any job site incident can affect the schedule. Likewise, shortcuts can impact the quality of the project.

Question: Why is worksite safety considered a culture at VCC?
Answer: Culture, in general at VCC, is very safety oriented. You have to have buy-in from every worker – VCC employees and subcontractor – and that’s very crucial, we need them to know that risking injury is not worth it to anyone. It’s really about worksite leadership. It’s my job as Safety Director to make sure that all the superintendents running a jobsite have what they need and know what to do. That’s why several times a year we hand out an award for Excellence in Safety to a particular superintendent who really makes safety a centerpiece of their project, and they have mastered the art of safety, production and quality and really go above and beyond what’s asked of them with regards to safety.