Excellence in Safety Award – Randy Higgins, Superintendent

As Construction Safety Week 2023 closes, we want to thank all of VCC’s safety professionals for their focus on the vital role of safety on our jobsites.

Congratulations to Randy Higens for his outstanding leadership and dedication to safety, earning him VCC’s Excellence in Safety Award. Randy is known as an outspoken proponent of safety and a stickler for documenting details.

The 2023 theme for Construction Safety Week is “Strong voices, safe choices.” There is some cross over to the notion of “if you see something, say something,” in the realm of public safety, and it’s even more important on a worksite where potential hazards exist. The thought behind this theme is that it’s important for every construction worker to know that they have the right to say something if they see anything unsafe or potentially hazardous during the course of a day’s operations on a jobsite.

Changes are inevitable, both in life and in construction, so adapting to a change in schedule or task assignment (or even a change in weather) while maintaining a focus on safety is essential.

The 2023 theme especially resonates with our company. Speaking up and having our voice heard is a core value at VCC and carries even more importance on the frontlines of a worksite. According to Safety Director, Scott Anders, “Open communication is key to having a safer workplace where we all look out for one another.”

VCC’s dedication to safety requires a 52 week per year commitment. So, while taking a focused look during #ConstructionSafetyWeek is a reminder to keep safety top of mind, there’s more to it than that.

Scott Anders again, “Safety isn’t something you do, it’s something you live.”


VCC Safety award
Congratulations to Randy Higens for his Excellence in Safety Award