Congratulations & Best Wishes! Happy Retirement Bill!

It is with great gratitude and admiration that we are proud to announce Bill McPherson’s retirement as COO of VCC at the end of this year. Bill’s transition was announced to the VCC internal team at the beginning of 2020 and is the culmination of a multi-year departmental succession plan. John Allan, the current SVP of Operations, will take over duties of COO at the time of Bill’s retirement.

Bill has had a remarkable and storied career with VCC for over 31 years. His commitment to leading by example and making our entire team better every single day has been an indispensable part of VCC’s fabric for decades. Not only has Bill been a critical part of building successful projects all across the Country, but also he has been a master builder of great relationships, cherished friendships and harmony. Since 1989, Bill has brought passion to the table every single day. He has performed roles at all levels of the organization, starting his career in the field as a foreman. Over these 31 years, Bill has been directly involved in almost 1,000 projects spanning all product types.

Teamwork has always been at the center of Bill’s approach, and his focus has helped create the very founding principals that continue to define VCC’s. There is no greater testament to Bill’s impact than the fact that he has helped build a VCC team that is stronger and ready to serve clients more than at any other point in the Company’s history. Please join us in thanking Bill for his leadership and congratulating him on this special milestone in a remarkable career.

Thank you Billy Mac!