US Coast Guard Boatswains Mate, Eric Davis

Written by Eric Davis
“I know we have a community of prior service members employed by VCC that I enjoy sharing stories with. We share some of the same attributes that are beneficial to working in the military – attention to detail, promptness, reliability, loyalty, integrity, honesty, etc to name just a few.

As a current Service Member (Reservist) employed by VCC, the company’s policy regarding the compensation offset (making up the difference between military pay and civilian pay) gives peace of mind that can’t even be quantified. In my unit, we have to be prepared to mobilize with as little as 24 hours notice for any global conflict, heightened threat levels, natural disaster, etc. Anytime a deployment appears to be a possibility; knowing there won’t be a financial hardship is comforting and allows me more time to focus on contingency plans for other areas of responsibility (family, home/ auto maintenance, work responsibilities, etc.). When I’ve been called away for duty/ training my VCC family has been just as supportive as my home family. My wife and kids take on my typical home responsibilities while I’m gone with no complaint and my TQM team members have done the same with my work duties. During my most recent two-week military assignment, QCMs Austin and Giovanni both doubled up on their travel (each visiting one of my job-sites) so my projects did not go 3 weeks without a visit – selflessly giving of their time and doubling their work load to support my military commitment.”

VCC wants to thank all of our current service members and Veterans for keeping us safe. It is our privilege to hire Reservists and Veterans who work hard for our company and for our nation. Employing service members has always been part our recruiting strategy. In the not so distant past, our Chairman, Sam Alley, was given a Patriot Award for hiring active duty military personnel.

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Eric was recently commended with a Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office Good Samaritan Award! He used his military training while out on the water in his personal boat and saved a woman who was trapped in a submerged boat and had no pulse or respiration. His decisive action saved her life.
We are so proud of you, Eric!