Cameron Westpheling

Project Scheduler & Outdoorsman

This month’s Employee Spotlight is Cameron Westpheling, one of our top-notch Project Schedulers. Cameron joined our team three years ago as a Project Engineer before going over to the Project Scheduling team. Scheduling requires knowledge of the industry, organization, communication, and lots of hard work – characteristics that Cameron has in abundance. Cameron loves hunting and being outdoors. Living in Arkansas, the Natural State, is perfect for his hobbies. Let’s get to know Cameron a little better…

Tell us a little about yourself.
I was practically born into the construction industry as my father has managed a lumber and hardware store. I spent 5 years helping him with running the store, which included working with home builders and subcontractors to get the material they needed. The satisfaction I received watching the progress on a neighborhood development that I was such a small part of, made me want to be a part of the General Contracting side of the industry.

What is a typical day like for you?
My days are typically busy. I’ll have multiple project team meetings to attend where I get project progress updates from project teams and track progress for the projects. I also take the impacts we have on projects and analyze them for potential delays to be addressed on a case by case basis of how to alleviate the delay.

What do you want others to know about working at VCC?
VCC is a great place to grow, Throughout the few years I’ve been here, I’ve utilized the majority of our in-house resources: Operations Managers, Superintendents, and Architects. We have many people here with decades of experience, all willing to help as long as you are willing to learn. Help is only a phone call away.

Are there any lessons that you have learned that you would like to share?
We can all learn something from everyone & teamwork is paramount to anything successful. As General Contractors, we work with our trade partners & design teams to complete an Owners vision of the project. It requires responsibility on everyone’s part to complete a successful project.

Would you like to join our team?
We are hiring for several positions, including Project Schedulers like Cameron in our Dallas (TX), Irvine (CA), and Little Rock (AR) offices. GO HERE to get our latest job listings and to apply!