Keep Up with Your New Year Resolutions

Are you keeping up with your New Year’s resolutions to get fit? VCC recently completed LA Fitness in Memphis, TN to help you out. The project involved renovating an existing fitness facility building that was out of business into a new LA Fitness. The original design was to keep all existing exterior walls and most of the interior walls, however upon commencement of demolition, it was discovered that both interior and exterior walls were unable to be salvaged due to water damage.  After several months of re-design, VCC re-mobilized the job and ended up replacing demoing the building down to interior columns and concrete slabs.  The building received all-new interior and exterior walls, a new exterior finish, a new roof, and a replacement of all MEP systems throughout the building. VCC starting and getting partway into construction than having to stop entirely while a complete redesign was completed made this project more complicated, but the results are amazing. Go by the LA Fitness on Ridgeway Road and keep up the good work on getting fit throughout the year!