New Harkins Theater in Redlands, CA!

VCC recently completed new construction of the Harkins Mountain Grove 16 Theater in Redlands, CA. At 78,000 square feet, this 16 stadium style luxurious theater has 2300 seats and is the ultimate movie-going experience.  It is equipped with several amenities such as reclining seats with lifting armrests, the latest laser and sound technology, extra thick muffled sound walls, online ticketing system for reserved seats, a day care, a non-typical and over-sized snack bar with an exotic bar, and other state-of-the-art finishes and amenities. The theater includes a premium auditorium with 3-D cutting edge sound/laser projectors and an 80 foot screen with golden curtains called Cine 1. Between VCC and our subcontractor trade partners, we have been awarded 8 Cal OSHA Golden Gate awards on this project. This recognition exemplifies our commitment to safety on the jobsite.