Happy 35th Birthday VCC!

35 years ago today Sam Alley co-founded VCC. With hard work and perseverance, they built over $3 million in projects that year…during a recession. They set forth building a successful company with quality employees and to help others along the way. We continue to be a successful company with a family environment that has taken pride in serving our clients and our communities.

We are more excited than ever to tackle the newest challenges in our industry and deliver excellence for our clients. We have always been committed to staying ahead of the curve and preparing ourselves and our people to evolve with the times.

One of the reasons why we continue to be successful after 35 years is that we value innovation. Our information technology and design teams work to streamline our projects. The client is able to view details at every step of the way with our state-of-the-art construction technology.

We are grateful for the client relationships we have built over the last 35 years. Relationships with the owners and our trade partners have and will continue to be the backbone of VCC. We are proud of the trust that has been created and that many have been a part of our story for many years.

“We are embarking on another chapter in this ever changing and dynamic marketplace. We know our core disciplines will keep our foundation sound while we keep an open eye to innovation and adaptation to stay at the top of our game. Thank you to our clients, architects, trade partners and friends for your part in this journey.” Derek Alley, CEO

We celebrate our past and look forward building for the future.