Senior Project Engineer Highlight

Bo Hagan

From being a US Army Infantryman to becoming an Onsite Project Engineer after earning his Bachelor’s degree in Construction Management, Bo’s journey is nothing short of inspiring. His experiences overseas have shaped his resilience, making him an exceptional Traveling Project Engineer and Superintendent.

As a Veteran, Bo understands the unique challenges and responsibilities faced by those who have served, which is why we at VCC are dedicated to supporting Veterans in their transition and beyond.

Whether it’s working on projects like SoNo Collection in CT, Fashion Center at Pentagon City in VA, or currently at Westfield Mall in CA, Bo’s adaptability and leadership shine through.

“VCC’s team structure and cohesiveness resemble that of the service. We believe in fostering leadership in new hires and know that Veterans bring a distinct skill set to the table. Join our exceptional team!”

– Bo Hagan
Senior Traveling Project Engineer.

If you’re a Veteran or civilian seeking rewarding career opportunities, we invite you to explore our open positions, locations, qualifications, and benefits.

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Join us in saluting Bo and all the brave Veterans who have served our nation with courage and honor

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