Women in Construction Week 2023

Today, March 8th, 2023 is International Women’s Day

We’re celebrating Women in Construction Week™ 2023 by highlighting some of the women who have impactful roles on Team VCC. Since 1998, WIC Week™ has been a time to look at the continued emergence and impact of women in the construction industry. This year, WIC’s motto is “Many Paths, One Mission,” and we’re diving into that by having conversations with VCC’ers to learn more about how women approach their roles in construction and make positive contributions.
The National Association of Women in Construction (NAWIC) was founded in 1953 to support women in the Ft. Worth, TX area entering the bourgeoning construction industry.
Since then, women have entered the construction in larger numbers year over year, yet still only represent about 14% of today’s workforce in a field still largely dominated by men.

VCC is proud of the many different faces that make up our work force and welcome the ever-growing number of women on our team.
We’ve interviewed 6 women from VCC this week and invite you to watch their responses.
Of interest is that nearly all the women we spoke to were introduced to construction through family. We also heard that everyone is fond of seeing the results of their hard work in the form of a building or structure.
All of the VCC’ers we talked to encourage other women to enter the industry because of their experiences working on the exciting and rewarding projects that VCC builds.

Watch some of their videos here.

Image of women who work for VCC Construction during Women in Construction Week
We celebrate Women in Construction Week 2023!